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Mobile subscribers in South Africa – Vodacom vs MTN vs Cell C vs Telkom

Wed 25 Jul, 2018

Vodacom has released a trading update for the quarter ended 30 June 2018, detailing its subscriber growth in South Africa. The mobile operator added just under 1.5 million customers in the past quarter, comprising 1.4 million prepaid customers and 75,000 contract subscribers.... Read more

Openreach to cut price of fast broadband

Tue 24 Jul, 2018

Openreach, the firm that runs much of the UK's telecoms infrastructure, has reduced the wholesale price of broadband in an attempt to boost the number of homes and businesses using fast services.... Read more

Vodacom increases revenue on strong customer growth, cheap data deals

Tue 24 Jul, 2018

Mobile services operator Vodacom on Tuesday said it increased group data revenue by 9.6% in the quarter to end-June 2018 on the back of increased customer numbers.... Read more

How 5G makes use of millimeter waves

Wed 25 Jul, 2018

It took a while, but the first ever 5G spec was finally approved late last year. 5G NR, as it's called, will bring about super fast mobile internet by tapping into new spectrum.... Read more

Icasa prepares for showdown with Cell C

Sat 16 Jul, 2016

The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (Icasa) is said to be preparing its answering affidavit for the interdict against its data expiry and out-of-bundle billing regulations. The interdict was filed by Cell C, while MTN filed an affidavit in support of Cell C's interdict, MyBroadband reported. ... Read more

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Cell C's UltraBonus will triple your recharge value - Wed 20 Jul, 2016

Mobile network Cell C has launched UltraBonus that will triple the value of your recharge every time you recharge. According to the company, UltraBonus is in line with Cell C's commitment to bringing customers the best value for m... Read more

Alphabet’s Loon internet balloons will fly to Kenya by 2019 - Thu 19 Jul, 2018

After earning its wings from Alphabet, Loon is setting sail for Kenya. The company’s high-flying balloons that beam internet service down to underserved areas is heading to the African nation by 2019, according to Reuters. The n... Read more

FibreCo Is Bringing Fibre Broadband to Kroonstad Homes - Tue 03 Jul, 2018

South Africa’s FibreCo Telecommunications is continuing its deployment of high-speed broadband across the country. The third largest city in the Free State, Kroonstad is the first city along the FibreCo national fibre route betw... Read more

BitCo unveils revised Fibre Broadband rates for startups - Fri 13 Jul, 2018

BitCo, a National Telecommunications Service Provider has released revised Fibre Broadband rates in a bid to future-proof small business in South Africa. It’s no secret that fast, reliable Internet connectivity is a must for bus... Read more

Full-fibre broadband pledge for new homes - Mon 23 Jul, 2018

The proposal comes as part of a new national telecoms strategy drawn up by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS). Under its targets, all of the UK will have full-fibre broadband coverage by 2033, replacing th... Read more

New satellites in space to meet global appetite for broadband - Fri 13 Jul, 2018

New York-listed Intelsat, which provides connectivity services for MultiChoice, MTN and Vodacom among others, plans to send another three satellites into orbit in coming months — one of which will provide broadband services for ... Read more

How SA's broadband speed really stacks up against other countries - Wed 11 Jul, 2018

South Africa came 76th out of 200 countries in the worldwide broadband speed league 2018. It jumped up four places from its 2017 ranking, which was 80th out of 186 countries. Based on over 163 million speed tests, carried out over... Read more

UK Vodafone offers minimum speed guarantee with fibre - Tue 08 May, 2018

We've got more details below on what the offer includes, but probably the most enticing thing - other than the price, of course - is that Vodafone remains the only mainstream internet provider that gives a speed guarantee with all... Read more

Vodacom is gearing up for cheaper prices - Mon 14 May, 2018

Vodacom is hoping that loans and fibre will help to cushion the blow of strict new pricing rules that will make it illegal for service providers to charge out-of-bundle charges without clients' consent. SA mobile firms will also h... Read more

New data rules: MTN‚ Vodacom‚ Cell C and Telkom respond - Sun 29 Apr, 2018

New regulations governing the use of data will be introduced in South Africa following the popular #DataMustFall campaign that was sparked in 2016. The regulations will require companies to notify subscribers when their data falls... Read more

Telkom has a new process for cancelling contracts - Mon 07 May, 2018

“To date, Telkom’s cancellation process has been managed via email. To improve this process, Telkom launched an online cancellation service in December 2017 which came into full effect by the end of April 2018. During the tran... Read more

South Africa has the highest data prices among Africa’s biggest economies - Tue 18 Jul, 2017

A new research paper by Research ICT Africa shows that the price of data in South Africa has not changed over the past two years – and is the most expensive out of all leading African economies. South Africa’s mobile data pric... Read more

Vodacom inch closer to finalising its R35 billion acquisition - Tue 18 Jul, 2017

Vodacom’s multi-billion rand acquisition of Safaricom, Kenya’s integrated communications company on Tuesday received a shot in the arm after a minority shareholder gave the transaction the green light. Earlier this year, the... Read more

MTN opens up fibre network - Tue 18 Jul, 2017

MTN is opening up its fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) access network to other Internet service providers (ISPs). From September, independent ISPs will be able to provide value-added services to customers via MTN's wholesale broadband fib... Read more

Telkom’s wholesale ADSL price “a severe bottleneck” - Tue 11 Jul, 2017

Internet Solutions believes that Telkom’s IP Connect charge has created a severe bottleneck which limits the growth of broadband services in South Africa. This is according to Greg Montjoie, the executive for carrier and connect... Read more

Cable break downs Sat-3 - Fri 14 Jul, 2017

The Sat-3 cable has been cut 53km into the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Cape Town, though the impact on services for consumers has been minimal, Telkom subsidiary Openserve said on Friday. Openserve has diverted international t... Read more

#DataMustFall: Costs to be probed after public outcry - Mon 10 Jul, 2017

Data cost in SA is among the highest in the world and therefore the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (Icasa) is holding an inquiry as to why this is so. The inquiry comes after a public outcry over excessive co... Read more

SA users spurning cheaper data deals - Wed 19 Jul, 2017

Despite offering data plans that, on face value, are significantly cheaper than its rivals, consumers are not flocking to Telkom’s network, according to new report by Research ICT Africa. The price of 1GB of data in South Africa... Read more

Openserve again slashes wholesale broadband prices - Wed 19 Jul, 2017

Telkom’s Openserve has announced sweeping price cuts to its wholesale broadband IP Connect pricing and to its fibre access portfolio as competition in South Africa’s fixed broadband market intensifies. The price cuts come on t... Read more

Openserve cuts wholesale ADSL and fibre-to-the-home prices - Thu 18 May, 2017

Openserve has announced price reductions for its IP Connect (IPC) product, which is used by Internet service providers for ADSL, VDSL, and fibre-to-the-home products. Depending on the IPC capacity purchased, ISPs can now benefi... Read more

Telkom increases line rental prices - Tue 28 Mar, 2017

Telkom will increase it analogue line rental price from R189 to R199, including VAT, from 1 April 2017. The new monthly tariffs for Telkom line rentals are as follows: Residential service – R199.00 Social Pensioners – R99.50... Read more


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