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Telkom Prepaid Call Charges


Telkom tariffs are generally high, but Telkom's PrepaidFone offering does offer some surprises.

Telkom to Telkom calls using PrepaidFone are more expensive, however when calling to Cellphones and other networks like Neotel, the call charges are the same between PrepaidFone and a regular billed phone.

In addition, monthly line rental for Telkom's prepaid service is R60.40 per month, which is R70.60 less than a billed phone. The more expensive call charges on the prepaid phone is used to offset the reduced line rental, so naturally the more you call the more you pay. If you call a great deal we recommend a billed line with a Telkom Closer package, surprisingly they offer good value for money.

Lastly, if you have a PrepaidFone, you could get Telkom's Waya Waya option, where you pay R130 upfront - this pays for an entire year's line rental. All your prepaid recharge money then goes to call charges only. Installation for a Telkom prepaid line is R270.

Telkom Call Charges - Calls to Telkom








52.7c/min 25.3c/min 98.8c/min 49.5c/min
* Minimum charge for calls to Telkom is 75c

Telkom Call Charges - Calls to Cellphones




R1.89/min R1.17/min
* Calls to cellphones are charged for the first 60 seconds, then per 30 seconds afterwards

Telkom Call Charges - Calls to Neotel




64.9c/min 64.9c/min

* Minimum charge for calls to Neotel is 65c

* A flat-rate applies for Telkom to Neotel calls, i.e. no local or national, it's one rate



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