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Solving a Telkom Problem

Solving a Telkom Dispute - What to do


If you experience a problem with your Telkom service, call 10212 or for account enquiries call 10210. Ask the agent for a reference number. In those unfortunate instances where a problem arises, Telkom will follow the procedures outlined in this section in attempting to resolve your complaint expeditiously.

Residential Call Centre: 10219
Account Queries and investigations: 10210
Fault Reporting: 10212


Have the following info on hand when lodging a complaint:


Your name i.e. customer name and possibly ID number,


Your full contact number, ie. including dialing code,


Telephone number concerned (or Data circuit number),


Customer Number if available and applicable,


Details of where and when problem reported and reference number if available,


Concise description of complaint,


Have pen and paper handy to write names and reference numbers down.


Resolving the complaint


If you do not believe your problem is receiving the attention it deserves, ask to speak to a supervisor at one of the above numbers (10212 or 10210). The supervisor will promptly and courteously attempt to resolve your complaint. Please be advised that there will be occasions, due to the nature and complexity of the complaint or problem, where the supervisor will need time to investigate the matter. The supervisor will get back to you as soon as possible with a resolution to your problem.


If, after hearing from the supervisor, you are still not satisfied, you may escalate your complaint to the office of the Regional Customer Care Manager by calling FreeCall 080 060 0126, and quoting your reference number.


In those rare instances where you would like to escalate your complaint further, the Regional Customer Care Manager will provide you with the telephone number of the office of the Chief Executive Office (CEO) of Telkom. The CEO's office will review your complaint, analyse the steps taken by Telkom employees to resolve your grievance and advise you accordingly.


If after giving Telkom the opportunity to resolve your complaint, you are still not satisfied, the CEO's office will promptly supply you with ICASA's telephone number and physical address.

So there you have it - that's how Telkom says you can solve your issue with them.

Good luck!

NOTE: When resolving a dispute with Telkom, keep a record of calls, names and statements made.


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