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Telkom: A more positive ring

Fri 25 Nov, 2016

Telkom, the telecoms player that for the better part of three years has been in a turnaround phase, has seemingly weathered the storm. CEO Sipho Maseko and his team embarked on a cost-reduction programme that included huge job cuts and reviving the struggling mobile network business. This has resulted in a strong balance sheet, low gearing and good cash flow.... Read more

Apple reportedly limits Verizon iPhone 7 modem speed to match AT&T model

Mon 21 Nov, 2016

Apple has been limiting the modem speeds of the iPhone 7 built for Verizon Wireless's network in order to match the slower speeds of the AT&T iPhone, according to reports Friday by Bloomberg and Recode. The Verizon iPhone 7 uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon X12 modem that is capable of LTE download speeds of up to 600Mbps, while the AT&T model uses an Intel XMM 7360 that goes up to 450Mbps.... Read more

25 years of Internet in South Africa

Sat 26 Nov, 2016

flowing out of South Africa on a leased circuit from Telkom. The man behind this was Mike Laurie. In later years he wrote “it’s amazing it happened at all, or at least it seemed so at the time.” The lack of cooperation and vision from the state telecommunications operator was staggering. They couldn’t see that in the long run they’d make money rather than lose it if they supported the technology.... Read more

Why internet use is low in Africa

Tue 15 Nov, 2016

Despite recent improvements in infrastructure and affordability, internet adoption in Sub-Saharan Africa is not growing rapidly, a report says. The report says that the continent’s internet adoption isn't growing at a speedy rate because potential users do not always find the internet relevant enough. According to Bastiaan Quast, co-author of the report and economics fellow of Internet Society, Africa faces challenges such as poor telecommunication syste... Read more

When a city has gigabit Internet, prices for slower speed tiers drop

Fri 18 Nov, 2016

The mere presence of gigabit Internet speeds in a metro area drives down the price of plans with slower speeds, according to new industry-funded research. Thus, the data suggests that even customers who don't purchase gigabit Internet benefit from its availability. This research also found—to no one’s surprise—that having more ISPs in a particular region drives prices down and that the presence of fast speeds encourages other ISPs to offer higher-spe... Read more

Comcast increases fibre internet speeds by 50Mbps

Sat 26 Nov, 2016

The change comes at no additional cost to customers statewide as Comcast, doing business under its Xfinity brand, boosts download speeds in the 75 megabits per second tier to 100 megabits per second and the 150 Mbps package to 200 Mbps. The packages are called performance pro and blast pro, respectively. To get increased speeds, most customers will have to restart their modems. Comcast will notify those who need to upgrade their modem to receive advertised... Read more

47 percent of planet now online

Sat 26 Nov, 2016

A new report from a United Nations agency says 47 percent of the world's people now use the Internet — an increase from just one year ago, when the same agency estimated more than 43 percent of the global population were Internet users. However, the study, released Tuesday by the International Telecommunications Union, also discovered serious geographic and economic disparities in who uses the Internet.... Read more

Facebook experimental internet drone safety probe

Mon 21 Nov, 2016

A U.S. safety agency is investigating an accident involving a massive experimental drone Facebook Inc. is developing to bring the internet to remote areas of the world. No one was hurt in the incident, which came during the unmanned aircraft’s first test flight on June 28. It marks the latest hiccup in Facebook’s plans to wirelessly connect the world, following an explosion earlier this year that destroyed one of its satellites and political resistance... Read more

Three UK breach puts millions of customers at risk

Thu 17 Nov, 2016

The company has confirmed that attackers successfully managed to access a database of 9 million customers using a stolen employee login, according to The Telegraph. The National Crime Agency says three men have been arrested but investigators are still piecing together who has been affected.... Read more

Africa to breach 1bn mobile subscriptions

Tue 15 Nov, 2016

Data connections, as well as data and digital service revenue, will drive the next phase of growth in Africa's telecoms market, says Ovum. Data connections, as well as data and digital service revenue, will drive the next phase of growth in Africa's telecoms market, says Ovum. Africa is expected to cross one billion mobile subscriptions in the fourth quarter of 2016, reaching 1.02 billion by year-end. This is according to market research and advisory fir... Read more

Vox cuts ADSL prices to less than R1 per GB

Thu 17 Nov, 2016

Vox is cutting the retail prices of its “Fat Pipe” home digital subscriber line plans to below R1/GB, effective immediately. The price decrease will apply for all new online sales, across its Fat Pipe DSL product range. The new prices are permanent, not promotional.... Read more


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