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MWeb under fire over peering demands

2 November 2010
MWeb under fire over peering demands
Internet service providers have slammed Mweb's decision to cut off its transit links, saying the company ought to have engaged in discussions instead of taking the fight to the media.

Last week, MWeb cut off its transit links with Telkom's wholesale Internet access provider Saix, while at the same time preventing users of some other service providers from accessing content on the MWeb network.

MWeb wants to encourage local providers to peer with it, instead of charging it for transit on networks. The company says it hopes it will increase competition in the market and lower Internet prices for the consumer.

Peering is effectively interconnection in the Internet space. Internet providers make certain agreements with each other to allow other providers' customers to access content on networks.

Worldwide, some service providers peer while others charge transit fees.

Typically, ...

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