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Telkom holds Salt hostage

10 November 2009
Provider maintains #1 position for laughing stock of international operators.
Telkom holds Salt hostage
Salt is calling for the delay of the Telkom installation of the line, until other operators can bid for it.
The Southern African Large Telescope (Salt) board is considering delaying the installation of a direct link between Sutherland and Cape Town, as Telkom has more than doubled its asking price.

Telkom is supposed to install a 155Mbps line between Salt, situated in the Northwest Province, to the South African Astronomical Observatory, situated in the heart of Cape Town, by December. Currently, data is burnt on compact disks and then transported by road to Cape Town.

However, Salt is urging Meraka Institute, the government agency that negotiates with Telkom, to delay the installation of the line until other operators can bid for it.

Salt is supposed to be fully commissioned in January. The line is needed to transmit data to and from the telescope, and make its instrumentation available to scientists located in severa ...

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