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Finally, it turns into a reality

29 August 2008
Provider rolls out wireless to take wind out of Telkom's sails.
When telecom insiders started talking about SA adopting the new broadband wireless standard, which promised to deliver high-speed Internet a few years ago, many thought that it would be just another overhyped techie trend.But with Neotel using it to connect as a "final mile" solution to some of its corporate clients, it has demonstrated that WiMax is more than just an overhyped trend. "Where there are long distances between existing infrastructure and the client and there is a need for fast deployment, it makes sense to use WiMax," says Rajeev Sinha, head of products & solutions at Neotel.But looking back, it is easy to see why WiMax was viewed with such scepticism. It promised to be faster than ADSL lines and cover a distance of up to 50 km from its base station.It was for these reasons WiMax was seen as a particularly good way to bring high-speed Internet access to the mass market - given the lack of in ...

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