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Make bucks off your broadband

23 May 2008
Make bucks off your broadband
Internet Service Provider (ISP) Frogfoot Networks recently launched a WiFi Hotspot scheme to rival that of Skyrove. Frogfoot customers can become WiFi Hotspot (or Frogspot) operators - using their broadband connection and a router to create a profitable internet hub in much the same manner as their Skyrove rivals.

To become a Hotspot Operator, a customer needs to purchase a Frogfoot Hotspot box and sign up for internet access, either independently or through Frogfoot (who sign up with Telkom on the customerís behalf). A box, or router, is priced at R659 and thereafter the business model is pay-as-you-go, with the customer receiving 60 percent of the profits generated from the Hotspot. If Frogfoot arranges the internet, the customer must sign a 12-month contract, paying a monthly fee for the broadband, but keeping 70 percent of the profits generated.

Once the router has been set up, anyone with a WiFi device ...

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