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Power cuts cause transmission problems

24 October 2007
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Vodacom reveals Gauteng network plans - 19/3/2014

Vodacom intends expanding the size of its network in Gauteng dramatically in the next financial year, with plans to add 555 4G/LTE towers in the province by the end of March 2015. The expansion, which also includes the deployment of new 2G and 3G sites, forms part of Vodacoms intention to spend about R9bn on its network in the 2015 financial year, which begins on 1 April. By way of comparison, Vodacom spent about R7bn in South Africa in the 2014 financi...

Vodacom joins fight against fee cuts - 27/2/2014

THE fight by cellphone operators against plans by the Independent Communications Authority of SA (Icasa) to reduce call fees is intensifying. On Wednesday, Vodacom filed court papers to stop the sector regulator from cutting mobile termination rates fees cellphone companies charge each other for calls. MTN filed a similar case less than two weeks ago. Icasa plans to cut the fees by half to 20c a minute. But MTN and Vodacom would have to pay smaller ...

Telkom enters rates fray - 22/2/2014

Telkom has weighed in on the battle raging in the telecommunications industry over mobile termination rates, the fees operators pay each other to carry calls between their networks. Group CEO Sipho Maseko says recent moves to oppose reduced rates, which will take effect on 1 April, will delay reducing the cost of calls to consumers and are not in the public interest. MTN has taken communications regulator Icasa to court, accusing it of not following due...

MTN stamps on low prices - 18/2/2014

Dominant incumbents are typically defensive when any attempt is made to curb their otherwise abusive behaviour, but isnt MTN taking it a bit far? Not content to make ғsuper-normal profits (more than normal profits, or the amount of revenue generated after paying costs, by a monopoly) for nearly 15 years, MTN wants to choke the consumer further by refusing to accept regulatory intervention under law, by sector regulator Icasa. As Research ICT Afric...

MTN afraid of competition, Cell C says - 14/2/2014

MOBILE network operator Cell Cs acting CEO, Jose dos Santos, on Thursday said rival MTNҒs court action to stop the communications regulator from implementing new rates was an attempt to avoid losing customers. Mr Dos Santos pointed out that in its founding affidavit filed on Wednesday, MTN had said it believed the new pricing structure would be irreversible once implemented, and would change the structure of the market. "It means they will lose cu...

Icasa bracing for battle with Vodacom, MTN - 11/2/2014

Communications regulator Icasa expects Vodacom to join MTN in demanding it does away with new wholesale inter-network pricing regulations, MPs heard on Tuesday. Vodacom last week indicated it would institute a legal challenge, but has not yet served any papers on Icasa. Briefing parliaments communications portfolio committee, Icasa councillor Nomvuyiso Batyi confirmed the receipt of a letter from MTN. It asked for the immediate removal of recently...

Telkom up on mobile rumours - 21/1/2014

Telkoms share price climbed marginally in early morning trading after a report overnight suggested it may be in discussions with an investment group from Southeast Asia that may be prepared to invest up to US$3bn into the operatorҒs struggling mobile division. According to a report on a website called Business Tech, the investment group which, curiously, the website fails to name ח wants to set up factories to build tower infrastructure in ...

Now MTN cuts international call rates - 25/11/2013

The ongoing skirmish between South Africas mobile operators over international call rates continued on Monday, with MTN announcing that its contract customers can now make calls to 200 foreign destinations for as little as 75c/minute. The new rates are, however, available on a promotional basis only and are set to expire on 31 January 2014. They come just weeks after Cell C said it had cut international call rates on a promotional basis, also until the ...

Telkom offers a year’s broadband for R49 - 8/11/2013

In an effort clearly designed at getting South Africans to try its wireless broadband network, Telkom Mobile is offering what its calling ғfirst-time Internet users the opportunity to get online for a year for a R49 once-off fee. For that price, South AfricaԒs fourth mobile entrant is offering consumers 200MB/month of data over 12 months, allowing them to consume up to 2,4GB over the period. The special deal is available only on Telkom Mobil...

Cell C chops international rates - 7/11/2013

Cell C has chopped international call rates on a promotional basis until the end of January 2014, reducing rates to 12 popular international destinations to 65c/minute on per-second billing. The countries to which the promotional rate applies are the UK, US, Germany, Greece, Portugal, France, Belgium, Canada, Spain, India, China and Singapore. The 65c/minute rate applies to both fixed and mobile lines in the destination countries. The rates are de...
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