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No govt support for Telkom, MTN deal

18 October 2007
No govt support for Telkom, MTN deal
Government has denied media reports that it endorses the potential sale of Telkom's fixed-line assets to mobile operator MTN Group.

Several media organisations reported yesterday and this morning that the Department of Communications supports the sale. The articles stated that government would be willing to shed its 37% shareholding in the fixed-line operator. The media reports concluded this would be a major boost for the potential Telkom, MTN transaction.

However, Harry Mathabathe, the department's deputy director-general of finance, says a media statement issued yesterday simply offered support for the talks, not the transaction itself.

“Government, as a shareholder, has no objection to the management of Telkom exploring its options with whomever,” Mathabathe said. “Once the Telkom and MTN talks have reached a conclusion, and then come to us with a proposal, we will decide whether or not to approve it.” ...

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