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Hello, is anybody listening?

6 August 2007
Solving one’s Telkom problems is a bit like calling the Monty Python hotline.

Telkom’s latest anti-consumer tactic is a sophisticated form of push-back.

By making people with Telkom- related problems fight their way through the inequities of its various useless departments, Telkom transfers the onus for problem-solving onto its customers.

Most of the six problems I had in a recent six-week period were eventually fixed by a Telkom technician who reset a connection at the exchange. This is entirely anecdotal evidence, I admit, but it has an eerily familiar ring to it.

Apart from threatening me with having to pay call-out fees for technicians (when the problem was at the exchange), other anti-customer tactics have included just plain lying (“someone stole a cable”), sheer incompetence (a problem with my installation, despite my ADSL line having being operational for three years) and a sleight-of-hand we ca ...

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