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Vodacom numbers

19 July 2007
Vodacom numbers
Vodacom subscriber numbers are stellar, the cellphone network operating company is maintaining margins in spite of lower Arpu trends, and is expanding into the pay-TV arena

LINDSAY WILLIAMS: Watching the international television stations this morning Vodafone’s numbers came out - quite impressive as well, and the market seemed to like them. I think on the opening Vodafone’s shares on the London FTSE opened up about 1.6% and Vodacom’s numbers came out as well. As at 30 June 2007 the Vodacom Group recorded 32.4 million customers across its networks operating in South Africa, Tanzania, the DRC, Lesotho, and Mozambique - and that reflects a 7.5% increase in the three months since 31 March 2007. On the line now is Alan Knott-Craig chief executive of Vodacom. Alan, gratifyingly robust numbers and entrenching your position as the top operator in this area in South Africa…

ALAN KNOTT-CRAIG: Yes, everything is still looking good. ...

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