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Is something brewing between Vodacom and iBurst?

19 April 2007
The relationship between Vodacom and iBurst looks set to strengthen if recent media reports are anything to go by. The growing closeness between the two wireless providers raises the million dollar question as to exactly what the nature of their agreement is.

Last year Vodacom bought a 10% stake in Wireless Business Solutions (WBS), the iBurst holding company. This acquisition was widely perceived to be a strategic move to gain access to iBurst's valuable WiMax spectrum, but recent developments have industry wondering whether there is more to the partnership than what meets the eye.

After securing an initial 10% stake in iBurst the Vodacom CEO, Alan Knott-Craig, said that he is looking to gain management control of WBS. Vodacom said that it is not certain if this can be achieved, but that it remains a long-term target for the company.

Bearing this in mind it is not all that strange that Vodacom has start ...

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