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Wireless broadband gets cheaper

6 March 2007
Wireless broadband gets cheaper
While market observers agree recent wireless broadband price reductions could lead to a price war, they differ on the possible long-term impact of the tariff cuts.

Sentech, MTN and iBurst recently announced price adjustments and package restructuring for their respective offerings.

MyADSL founder Rudolph Muller says this creates among the cheapest wireless access rates in the world, particularly those from MTN and Sentech. “They now compare to international standards and are globally competitive. MTN and Sentech have raised the South African wireless arena to a new level,” says Muller.

However, World Wide Worx MD Arthur Goldstuck says this is only true on a per-MB basis. He adds that when the entire basket of packages is taken into account, the prices are not really competitive.

MTN recently dropped the price of its 1GB prepaid data bundles and contracts to R399 a month and added an extra gigabyte of free data usage to it ...

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