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Beware, Telkom scam doing the rounds

24 January 2007
Beware, Telkom scam doing the rounds
Businesses have been warned about a hoax letter with a fake Telkom letterhead being circulated in Cape Town in an attempt to scam money.

The letter scam, considered an "old trick", is signed by a "John Moyo" who claims to be from the Telkom accounts department and asks for customers' banking details so he can deposit money into their accounts.

Customers are contacted by fax or telephone.

The letter reads: "Please note that, as we were updating our systems, we found that there were some errors which occurred during our billing for the past two months.

"We discovered that some of our clients were overcharged and some were less charged for their telephone bills. In your case, you were overcharged with R1 200.00. We would, therefore, like to obtain your bank details so that we can credit your account."

Customers are asked to fax their banking details to the contact number on the letter.

The fraudster then deposits a stolen cheque for a substantially larger amount than t ...

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