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SA is flagging without broadband

29 November 2006
SA is flagging without broadband
Why is Koos Bekker taking time off from Naspers? To learn about YouTube, MySpace, and all those other technologies that South Africa is so far behind in. In fact, we desperately need competition in our broadband industry, because SA is already suffering, Bekker says.

Bruce Whitfield:
Well interim results today from Naspers for the six months to the end of September showing strong growth across most of its business units, most of its geographies, pay-TV continuing to steal the show, newspapers and magazines are solid but in South Africa particular the internet and the lack of access to broadband has been quite limiting.

Revenues in excess of R9-billion, just a quarter of those revenues coming from outside South Africa and Koos Bekker, the managing director of Naspers joins us on the line now and we will talk about your result in a moment Koos but by far the bigger news story or what has got tongues wagging on the market today is your decision to tak ...

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