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SA to miss 5 percent broadband target

22 November 2006
SA to miss 5 percent broadband target
The South African government will not reach its ambitious goal of 5% broadband penetration at the current rate that connections are being made, states a new BMI-TechKnowledge report.

However, there will be two million connections, which include ADSL and wireless connections, resulting in a 4% penetration level for a population of 50 million, the report says.

This would be a big achievement, especially considering SA had a 0.2% penetration at the beginning of 2005, says BMI-T head of research Brian Neilson.

The report says overall Internet usage penetration within the entire population would not increase significantly, as most of the growth in connections will be from the same high-end users.

Many people will have more than one connection one in their notebook PC for mobility and another one at home or at the office, it says.

However, the growing proportion of converged cellular devices, which may have Edge or higher broadband specifica ...

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