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Decision on Telkomís big purchase delayed

10 October 2006
Decision on Telkomís big purchase delayed
BUSINESS Connexion is having to rethink the date of its potential acquisition by Telkom as under-staffing at the Competition Commission has led to another delay.

Telkom and Business Connexion expected to have the R2,43bn deal approved ó or vetoed ó by December 15. Now the commission has been given a 15-day extension to say whether it approves or opposes the deal.

This is the third extension the commission has been granted, and it now has until October 17 to present its recommendation to the Competition Tribunal. Its recommendation will then be considered by the tribunal, which is likely to hold public hearings on the controversial move.

The tribunal granted the fresh delay after the commissionís lead investigator resigned, so a new investigator must be brought up to speed with the complex case.

The commission was also still waiting for some information from third parties and the merging parties, it said.

Experts who are helping the commission reach a recommendation als ...

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