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Cell C ‘considers' 3G offering

29 September 2006
Cell C ‘considers' 3G offering
South African mobile operator Cell C is considering offering a third-generation (3G) service to compete with bigger rivals MTN and Vodacom, and to complement its EDGE service, but the move will depend on the feasibility of such an offering.

This is according to CTO Pierre Obeid, who says: “Currently we are looking at the market – studying the viability of offering 3G.

“We might offer 3G services in due course, but unless there is a market need for the service, we will not roll-out a 3G network.”

Obeid adds that the company, currently offering an EDGE service significantly slower than Vodacom or MTN's 3G and high-speed downlink packet access broadband options, has consciously focused on home PC Internet access through a USB modem allowing consumers to use Cell C EDGE.

“That was a market that was not previously addressed,” he says.

According to another senior source inside the network operator, who does no ...

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