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Getting left behind, again

22 September 2006
It seems our government has adopted the same paternalistic approach to the liberalisation of the telecoms industry as the regime in the 60s and 70s did in its approach to introducing television.

As the Nat government of the days of yore felt we were unable to handle the impact of TV, it appears our current leaders do not think we can handle fast, easy access to information enabled by broadband Internet connectivity.

Instead of true or meaningful liberalisation, the government has opted for what it terms "managed liberalisation". Call it what you like, the policy means SA is being left behind as the rest of Africa accelerates access to broadband Internet using WiMax technology.

WiMax wildfire

Analysts have estimated that the number of WiMax pilots, as well as licensed and unlicensed projects across the continent, is in excess of 50 operations, and growing daily. Even Telkom has acknowledged in recen ...

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