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Telkom billing under fire

14 September 2006
Telkom billing under fire
TELKOM has come under fire from subscribers for apparently charging for calls to engaged numbers.

Numerous complaints have appeared in The Herald letters column in recent months concerning Telkom‘s charging for unanswered or engaged telephone calls.

Callers are at a loss as to why calls which are never connected incur the same charges as a normal phone call.

Cheryl Gow wrote in to The Herald: “This argument has been going on for as long as two years now. We had this argument with Telkom back then already, and it said it was not charging, that it was a mistake.

“Eventually though, it admitted it was charging for calls to engaged numbers. It seems it has changed its story now though, and is saying again that it is not charging.

“I just don‘t understand how you can honestly charge people for calls to engaged numbers. I‘ve heard of a couple of incidents of this.

“Needless to say, I‘ve started making notes of when and for how long I call,” said Gow.

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