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Trouble when trying to communicate with Icasa

4 September 2006
TELKOM finally has a rival, which can only be good for the efficiency of the sector.

Pity we can’t get a rival for the spawn of Rip van Winkle who seem to make up the brains trust of the Independent Communications Authority of SA (Icasa). Last Monday, I sent Icasa a list of questions. One question related to when Icasa would get around to either resolving its dispute with CEO Jackie Manche (who was suspended last November), or appointing another boss.

Icasa is, after all, meant to be the regulator of the sector, but instead struggles to retain a credibility rating on a par with police commissioner Jackie Selebi.

Chairman Paris Mashile (who you might remember from recent claims that he spends a good deal of time at Icasa snoozing) was “out the country” when I called, and the spokesmen asked me to e-mail questions for “prompt answers”. That was Monday, and I have got not so much as a snore from Icasa since.

One has to ask: if an organisation can’t even get around to answering a simple i ...

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