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Major policy shift for telecoms expected

22 February 2006
Major policy shift for telecoms expected
Lesley Stones
Information Technology Editor

POLICY recommendations to further liberalise the telecoms industry and bring down the cost of communications would be announced next month, the communications department promised yesterday.

The changes are expected to address the high cost of calls, the scarcity of broadband access and Telkomís lingering monopoly over network infrastructure.

The changes will build on the partial liberalisation of the sector last February, which the industry viewed as welcome, but insufficient.

Yesterday the departmentís acting deputy director general for policy, Norman Munzhelele, said minister Ivy Matsepe-Casaburri would relax the rules further next month.

He did not say how dramatic the changes would be or whether they would meet industry expectations.

ďOur minister will make a statement around the things we need to do to further liberalise the sector and ensure there is competition to lower the cost of doing business by lowering telecoms ...

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