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Intelsat opens its first African office in Sandton

4 June 2001
Intelsat, an international communications provider offering Internet, broadcast, telephony and corporate network solutions through its 19 satellites, opened its first African office on Friday in Sandton, Johannesburg.

Chief executive Conny Kullman said Intelsat's relationship with Africa went back nearly four decades.

He believed that to maximise the company's contribution to local development, it was time for Intelsat to help South Africa take advantage of all available opportunities in the Information Age.

According to Kullman, 8 percent of Intelsat's global revenue of $1,1 billion came from the sub-Saharan region. African shareholders owned 5,6 percent of the company and Telkom was its biggest user.

Kullman said that moving here would bring the company closer to its customers and distributors, enabling it to provide services and solutions and play a bigger role in developing new products.

Intelsat planned to launch 10 more satellites over the next two years, includin ...

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