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Africa looking up, but dangerous, for MTN

22 November 2001
Africa looking up, but dangerous, for MTN
M-Cell says MTN International is starting to come online in all its targeted regions and could be a major contributor to its profits in the near future.

While the company's networks in Swaziland, Rwanda, Uganda, Cameroon and Nigeria were responsible for only around 9% of revenue, M-Cell says these operations were key in its earnings growth.

Spending on rolling out a network in Nigeria, where an 80% owned company was launched in August, has been below budgeted figures. While small in size, the Swazi, Rwandan and Ugandan networks maintained profit margins significantly higher than the flagship network in SA. In Cameroon, however, MTN has been losing money since last year.

“This is the one place we believe it could be better,” says Lazarus Zim, MD of MTN International. He blames a delay in reaching an interconnect agreement with other operators in that country and says everything is being done to rectify the situation.

There is also concern about interconnec ...

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