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Telecoms duopoly speculation ignites

18 July 2001
Telecoms duopoly speculation ignites
Speculation on possible changes in government's approach to telecoms liberalisation has started early after being galvanised by a report that more than one competitor to Telkom may be on the cards.

Business Day reported today that the draft policy currently before communications minister Ivy Matsepe-Casaburri may call for the licensing of two, not one, new fixed-line telecommunications providers. The paper cites no sources for the information.

The Department of Communications and the Communications Ministry have been tight-lipped on the issue and would not comment on the possibility. Drafts of the new policy also seem to be closely guarded, and no leaked information has yet come to light.

The final policy directions are to be released next week after the initial document was opened to public comment in late March. There is a tight deadline for its release, as both the proposed public listing of Telkom later this year and the licensing of any competitors by May next year de ...

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