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Mobile pricing models a ‘national concern’

18 July 2005
SA’s telecommunications custodian Icasa has labelled the consequences of charging pre-paid mobile customers more than contract (post-paid) customers for talk minutes a “national concern”.

It says that “instead of promoting seamless alignment to a cost-based model, [this] unfortunately widens a wedge which exists between pre and post-paid users, aggravating the digital divide.”

Icasa is looking into charges levied by the mobile industry after the Communications Users Association of SA (Cuasa) brought a complaint about the issue before it on May 3.

Among the issues Icasa was asked to investigate was why the introduction of Cell C has not reduced call costs, whether there is enough competition in the market, and the different interconnection charges between the three mobile networks, and the mobile networks and Telkom, which is cheaper.

The result of Icasa’s deliberations is a 32-page document in which it outlined its position on issues; it has invited the public and indu ...

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