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Probe nothing but 'a racist plot'

20 July 2001
Ray Moodley, boss of the controversial security company at the centre of the Telkom scandal, has known Bheki Langa for a long time. Their relationship, he says, dates back to the "struggle days".

Moodley this week hit back after a Telkom probe alleged collusion between his company, Durban-based Royal Security, and Langa, the deputy chief operating officer at Telkom. Moodley insists the probe is a rearguard action by whites to prevent the advancement of blacks and of black- owned security companies. "They're just trying to discredit a black upcoming man ... This is racist; this is a racist plot."

While Moodley dismisses the Telkom allegations out of hand, he acknowledges his association with Langa. "I've known him for many years; that is long before [he joined] Telkom ... I've known him since the struggle years."

Moodley has done well out of Telkom. The parastatal this week said Royal Security has contra ...

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