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Satellite Internet Service Providers

As one of the oldest Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in South Africa, we have well established ourselves in the market and understand the growing needs of the industry. We have also developed, customized and tested solutions that have become industry standards today.

Phone: +27218886500
Website: http://www.adept.co.za/
Complete IT solutions provider supplying all types of internet connectivity, various mail and hosting options, and hardware including our Ghost business server. VANS license holder. BBBEE verified. We grow almost exclusively through word of mouth referrals, which speaks volumes about our personalized customer care.

Phone: 021 7999 600
Website: http://www.kingsley.co.za
3NetDynamix Online Solutions
NetDynamix provides business-grade internet services to the Radio Broadcast Industry on ADSL, ISDN, 3G and Satellite.

Phone: 087 820 7486
Website: http://www.netdynamix.co.za
For the home office or small business we offer a range of products that you can scale to meet your Internet requirements. For the home user we provide cost effective Internet access from analogue to ISDN, TelkomInternet has numerous mail solutions to cater for all your email requirements.

Phone: 10215
Website: http://www.telkomsa.net/
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