Leased Line

ADSL Internet Service Providers

121 Digital
21 Digital Web Solutions is a dynamic internet company with a fresh approach to the internet. We offer a range of internet services & web solutions to meet your unique requirements, all at competitive rates.

Phone: 0861 012 210
Website: http://www.21digital.co.za
@lantic is one of the largest independent consumer Internet Service Providers (ISP) in South Africa. @lantic has 140 franchised branches nationwide as well as 700 second tier resellers, and offer quality internet solutions to private users as well as to small and medium-sized businesses. With a customer base of more than 140 000 @lantic is a serious player in the South African ISP arena.

Phone: 087 805 0530
Website: http://www.lantic.net/
About IT Online strives to be the premier provider of Internet services -- premier in the sense of quality, reliability, and commitment to providing the right solution for the customer each and every time

Phone: 0861 226 8848
Website: http://www.aboutitonline.co.za/
As one of the oldest Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in South Africa, we have well established ourselves in the market and understand the growing needs of the industry. We have also developed, customized and tested solutions that have become industry standards today.

Phone: +27218886500
Website: http://www.adept.co.za/
Aerosat is an ISP located in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, offering 24/7 Internet connectivity at a fraction of the cost of the average leased line competitor. The key to our success lies in our commitment to the provision of an above industry standard service and the implementation of a network infrastructure built with redundancy and scalability in mind.

Phone: 0861 237 6728
Website: http://www.aerosat.co.za
Feel the unlimited awesomeness of Uncapped, unmetered broadband, designed to fit your needs (and your wallet). With Uncapped Internet you never have to watch what you consume - it’s all-you-can-eat style web surfing, and you can download as much data as you’d like without ever having to pay a cent more. Our Uncapped is never throttled, and only non-realtime services are sometimes shaped, which means you always get full speed browsing, gaming, streaming and more. We also offer a unique TurboCharge feature to bypass shaping when you absolutely need to, for which you get FREE minutes every month.

Phone: 011 612 7200
Website: http://www.afrihost.com/
ALTONET can provide custom ISP related services to fit your specific business needs and requirements.

Phone: 010 500 1500
Website: http://www.altonet.co.za/
Artslink.co.za Internet Service Provider (ISP), over the extensive infrastructure of The Internet Solution (IS), offers basic dial-up, ISDN and ADSL connectivity, international roaming, e-mail, webmail, fax via e-maartslinkil, hosting and e-commerce.

Phone: 082 230 2255
Website: http://www.artslink.co.za/
We offer 24/7/365 connectivity NATIONWIDE. Capped and Uncapped ADSL at very competitive pricing. We do have a support team 24/7, but apart from initial set up, we hardly hear from our customers. Our Dial-up and Hosting are the same... Great products, Great service!

Phone: 0861 300 900
Website: http://www.axxess.co.za/
10B2E Technologies
Beginning 2 End Technologies (PTY) Ltd is a leading skills and technology company that applies turn key IT solutions to its customers. Our goal is to create and offer new and dynamic IT solutions which reduce cost of ownership in an ever changing market. Partnerships and relationships with worldwide vendors allows B2E to implement strong and reliable networking to our customers.

Phone: 0861 223 223
Website: http://www.b2e.co.za
BdITSNET - your hassle free Internet Service Provider!! DIY registration / get a sales person help you register Access your email anywhere on the internet, worldwide. Have full control of your account. Move with the times and be connected , call us today!!

Phone: 0861 435 733
Website: http://www.bditsnet.co.za
12Bluetwo IT Solutions (Pty) Ltd.
We offer iBurst wireless broadband internet, ADSL, ISDN, Dial-up, Wi-Fi and cable networking, web and graphic design, website and email hosting, bulk sms sending, domain registrations, pc repairs, search engine marketing, hardware and software sales. We are a complete home/corporate IT solutions provider.

Phone: 086 125 8389
Website: http://www.bluetwo.co.za
13Broadband Express
Do you need fast, instant internet access? You�re at the right place! Our broadband internet solutions provide you with continuous, high speed connectivity to the internet between iBurst, 3G, ADSL, we have the right solution for you. Heard of VOIP? We also provide VOIP-over-Broadband, reducing your telephone costs.

Phone: 0861 113 823
Website: http://www.broadbandexpress.co.za
The Buzybuy team was born out of a group of IT engineers who felt frustrated at the current ISP market. Buzybuy offers uncapped Hosting, Uncapped ADSL, Email and Business Solutions, Mobile Applications, Desktop Applications and Web Development Services.

Phone: +27 (0)21 982 3589
Website: http://www.buzybuy.com/
15Clickworks Internet
Founded in 2009, Clickworks is an innovative Internet Service Provider specialising in ADSL and Web Hosting Solutions, Managed IT support and all aspects of I.T services. Our ADSL line and data packages, designed specifically to meet the various needs of both residential and business clients, offer a range of connection speeds, monthly data caps, and are available on a month-to-month contract which offers our customers enhanced value and flexibility. Our uncapped ADSL packages for both residential and business customers offer virtually unlimited internet use and competitive monthly rates. Both our capped and uncapped ADSL packages feature unshaped bandwidth, ensuring fast connection speeds and reliable internet service.

Phone: +27 87 8900 900
Website: http://www.clickworksinternet.co.za/
Since 1997, CyberDale xSP has used technology to increase the bottom line profitablity of our clients. We strive to understand our clients' business processes and find new ways to help them leverage technology and immediately turn I.T. into a strategic component of their business plan. CyberDale xSP is a Cape Town based multi-disciplined networking service provider, ISP (internet service provider), Software Development House, Procurement and Integration Services Company. We have grown with the needs of our clients to become an extension of their business, and true Partner.

Phone: 021 460 0411
Website: http://www.Cyberdale.co.za
We offer dialup and ADSL solutions, as well as a range of Web Hosting packages. Our prices are industry-leading - visit our website to see what we mean!

Phone: 086 100 FAST
Website: http://www.cybersmart.co.za/
Our wireless ISP service is based on years of testing, trial, error and implementation. DC is proud to make this service available to our customers in an effort to provide reliable communication. Delivering services like VoIP, On-Site VoIP & Hosted PBX solutions, internet access and mail services via wireless technology.

Phone: 0879436001
Website: http://dcconnect.co.za
EJECT is a specialised internet access service provider offering cost effective connectivity, web, adsl, isdn, hosting and email solutions in South Africa.

Phone: 086 113 5328 (08611 EJECT)
Website: http://www.eject.co.za/
eNetworks has been in service since 1999 and has established themselves as a leader in the market. The launch of their ADSL service, http://www.edsl.co.za offers mid month top-ups through the site. Well priced international low latency fibre Diginet services with advanced virus and spam scanning form the main focus.

Phone: 0861 55 33 11
Website: http://www.enetworks.co.za
21Flashybee Internet
Unlimited fast Internet access Free 24 hour helpdesk Advanced Virus & Junkmail filters Automatic self healing diagnostics Feature packed Customer Service Portal Quick access to all online banks 10Mb personal web space 5 email addresses and webhosting

Phone: 0861 435 733
Website: http://www.flashinternet.co.za
A full range of connectivity options at great prices. Hosting solutions also available.

Phone: 011 312 1230
Website: http://www.gam.co.za/
GamCo (Pty) Ltd, like Madiba, was released into this world in 1995, and from humble beginnings has established itself as a respected player in the internet service provider industry. We offer many different service solutions to suit your needs starting with a variety of ADSL, Web Hosting, Web Design, Virtual Server hosting and email hosting packages. We believe in providing top quality service, with affordability, while still maintaining a personal touch. This has been the secret of our success over the years. If you’re looking for a company that is serious about your specific online requirements, From a ADSL connection to a corporate solution, you need go no further.

Phone: 011 318 1230
Website: http://gamco.co.za/
We are South Africa's best kept little secret. We supply adsl and hosting.

Phone: 0842007205
Website: http://www.gigs.co.za/
GlobeSky Internet Solution Provider is your number one choice for internet access and web hosting solutions in South Africa.

Phone: 021 873 6722
Website: http://www.globeskyisp.co.za/
26Globex Internet Services
Globex Internet Services is South Africa's leading integrator of competitive, innovative and practical Internet solutions based on Information and Communication Technology. We have a proven track record in designing and implementing Internet solutions for many home users and businesses. If you are serious about Internet connectivity and tired listening to empty promises then join us today.

Phone: 086 7222 835
Website: http://www.globex.co.za
27Halo Communications South Africa
We provide Small to Medium sized organisations a full range of services; VoIP, internet access, hosting, creative design services, website developement, technical support, hardware solutions and software developement. We are based in Kwa Zulu Natal but will help customers anywhere in South Africa.

Phone: 0861 105 936
Website: http://www.halocom.co.za
Hostworx is an Innovative young company providing affordable internet access and hosting solutions. Providers of ADSL, Dial Up, Diginet, Windows 2003 hosting solutions. Contact us on 083 227 3771 or Support@HostworX.co.za for competetive rates and outstanding Service

Phone: 011 954 2511
Website: http://www.HostworX.co.za
Hyperlink provides internet access and web hosting, and we also stock a range of Billion ADSL modems and routers.

Phone: 086 00 49737
Website: http://www.hyperlink.co.za/
30I-Soft Internet
ADSL - the industry standard providing High Speed connectivity to one or many computers. We provide BULK ADSL. You choose how much data you require.

Phone: 0861 ISOFTADSL
Website: http://www.isoftnet.co.za/
Small enough to give a personal touch. Big enough to be a leader. Dial-up, ISDN, ADSL, iBurst Professional website design at affordable rates Webhosting iConnection can offer you the complete business and internet solution to prosper online.

Phone: 012 663 2082
Website: http://www.iconnection.co.za
32Imagine IPS
Imagine IPS focuses on providing our clients with communications solutions that perfectly suit their specific business proceses. Whether it be a 56k dial-up and a basic website host, or a 1/2 MB Diginet Line with VOIP PBX Systems and a VPN to London, Imagine IPS is committed to offering the best possible solutions and service available in the market.

Phone: 0861 IMAGINE
Website: http://www.imagine-ips.co.za/
Whether you're a casual internet user, or a large corporation, Imaginet's complete selection of internet services offer something for everyone. Imaginet offers true 'one-stop shopping' for all your internet service needs.

Phone: 086 111 1101
Website: http://www.imaginet.co.za/
34Intdev Internet Technologies
Intdev Internet Technologies is an established ISP (registered with ISPA) and who strives to provide the highest levels of service and affordable web hosting on its own servers. We further provide email facilities, domain registration, CMS (Typo3/DNN), bulk SMS services, ADSL and 3G/HSDPA internet connectivity.

Phone: 011 787 0107
Website: http://www.intdev.co.za/
35Interexcel World Connection
ISP based in Pretoria offering analogue and ISDN dial-up, ADSL (capped and uncapped) and iBurst; website and domain hosting and website design and maintenance.

Phone: 012 346 1685
Website: http://www.interexcel.co.za
36Internet Generation
We are a leading IT solutions, PABX, Network and Internet connectivity company in the Port Elizabeth area of the Eastern Cape. We are ICASA registered and licensed to provide electronic communication services. The internet speed we advertise is the internet speed you get! We are licenced with ICASA to deliver wireless network services. Wireless Internet is cost effective alternative to conventional internet access like dial-ups and ADSL. Access is not limited to the availability of Telkom’s fixed line services and also eliminates the extra cost of a telephone account.

Phone: 041 365 5411
Website: http://www.igen.co.za/
To maximize your internet business' benefits, you need more than just a connection. You need reliable speed and e-mail efficiency. You don't need to spend a lot of money to get what you want.

Phone: 011 665 1097
Website: http://www.inx.co.za/
iSAT is a Port Elizabeth based ISP that offers a full range of Internet connectivity options and hosting solutions Nationwide.iSAT has enjoyed 14 years experience in the IT industry and we always strive for service excellence and customer satisfaction.

Phone: 086 123 4728
Website: http://isat.co.za/
iTT CONNECT is a Founder Member of Proudly South African and the only ISP dedicated to the Travel and Tourism industry in South Africa. Bundled web hosting packages include Search Engine Optimisation, web promotion and active links pages to boost website ranking and appeal.

Phone: 0861 100 454
Website: http://www.ittconnect.co.za
40Jenny Internet
Jenny Internet is a dedicated ADSL provider, which operates via a dealer base though out South Africa. Visit our website to sign-up or on becoming dealer if you own an IT shop.

Phone: 086 145 3669
Website: http://www.jenny.co.za
41Kawuleza Connect
Kawuleza Connect (Pty) Ltd is South Africa’s first truly independent network that will be able to offer a comprehensive array of WiMax, Wireless and ADSL communication services nationwide. Kawuleza Connect, originally WNC IT Services CC, was acquired by Basileus Capital and now forms part of the Basileus Group of companies. Kawuleza has its head-office in Durbanville in the Western Cape.

Phone: 021 402 0168/9
Website: http://www.kawuleza.com/
42Key Web Hosting
Key Solutions is an ISP offering hosting, e-mail, ADSL, dial-up, fax-to-email and many other IT related products. We specialize in providing a professional services to individuals, companies and web design houses where security and speed are of primary concern. We provide domain registration services, mailbox and email alias services.

Phone: 087 373 3377
Website: http://www.key.co.za
43Kinetix Internet Services
Kinetix IS provides you with affordable, fast, reliable, peace of mind web hosting services, for businesses & individuals. Website design & development. Internet Access - Analogue, ISDN, iBurst, 3G, ADSL, Uncapped ADSL, VoIP. We develop the future!

Phone: 082 567 3439
Website: http://www.kinetix.co.za/
Complete IT solutions provider supplying all types of internet connectivity, various mail and hosting options, and hardware including our Ghost business server. VANS license holder. BBBEE verified. We grow almost exclusively through word of mouth referrals, which speaks volumes about our personalized customer care.

Phone: 021 7999 600
Website: http://www.kingsley.co.za
45Leapfrog Computers
Still the quickest, simplest and cheapest way to get connected for all internet users. All you need is a PC, modem and telephone line. Connect up to 4MB. Our servers are connected directly to backbones of major network carriers warranting some of the fastest speeds and most reliable connections available.

Phone: 082 69 121 69
Website: http://www.leapfrogcomputers.co.za
Since our inception, we have been providing connectivity services, starting with the old 14,400 Bps Analogue Modem connections, since then we have developed from 64K ISDN, ADSL connections as well as Diginet Leased Lines.

Phone: 011 644 5000
Website: http://www.megaweb.co.za/
MetroWEB is a country-wide ISP offering internet access wherever you are. We are one of the few ISPs also offering 1GB mailboxes as part of all packages!

Phone: 086 11 11 440
Website: http://www.metroweb.co.za/?adref=14
We provide our customers with a solution that is balanced through Cost vs. Benefit. We are cost effective, reliable ensuring your business/personal needs are met.

Phone: 086 1477 477
Website: http://www.mitsol.co.za
MWEB aims to inform and entertain its customers by delivering the best possible online experience, supported by the latest technology and tailored to the needs of the individual user. MWEB aims to deliver the full value of the Internet to users, through a complete range of connection options that offer fast, reliable service. A world-class portal, exclusive customers-only content and added-value services, such as Parental Guidance and Virus Protection, ensure that the MWEB user obtains maximum value from their Internet experience. Excellent customer service and technical support 365 days a year are only a phone call away - ensuring that MWEB customers enjoy maximum reliability.

Phone: 021 596 8820
Website: http://www.mweb.co.za/
50Mweb Business
MWEB Business aims to provide suitable Internet business solutions for any business - no matter what their size or nature. From simple e-mail and Internet access, domain name registration and website implementation, through to e-Commerce and multi-function Business Servers, MWEB Business offers an Internet solution designed around an individual company's needs. With expert Technical Support available 365 days a year, businesses enjoy absolute reliability from an Internet solution managed by South Africa's leading business service provider.

Phone: 0860 100 154
Website: http://www.mwebbusiness.co.za
51NetDynamix Online Solutions
NetDynamix provides business-grade internet services to the Radio Broadcast Industry on ADSL, ISDN, 3G and Satellite.

Phone: 087 820 7486
Website: http://www.netdynamix.co.za
A premier Internet service provider in South Africa, offering all Internet related services from hosting a website, web development and design, to permanent connections for businesses.

Phone: 031 705 1159
Website: http://www.netlive.co.za/
Offers a complete set of services, ranging from Internet Access (Dialup, ISDN, ADSL) to Bulk Sms, Free Email and Website Design and Development. As part of EBIS, a Software Development House (www.ebis.za.com), we offer the business client a complete one stop service.

Phone: 086 110 6261
Website: http://www.netwindow.co.za
54Nexus ISP
Nexus Internet Service Provider is South African based and was developed and launched in the interest of serving the public and business sectors with broadband internet connectivity and web hosting services at affordable rates.

Phone: 0861 000 477
Website: http://www.nexus.co.za
OasisNet Offers A Free Webmail Interface , And 24 Hour support. Get Connected Anywhere in South Africa And Enjoy The Internet

Phone: 051 430 5723
Website: http://www.oasisnet.co.za
OpenWeb is a leading Broadband ISP offering Uncapped ADSL packages from only R89 per month! Their selection of packages has allowed them to be considered as one of the top ISP's in South Africa!

Phone: none
Website: http://www.openweb.co.za/
Osirion (pronounced "oh-se-ree-uhn") System Technologies is a leading provider of world-class hosting, simple & complex custom applications, high speed internet access, creative & professional web design & development and computer hardware & software distribution for home users, small businesses, non-profit organizations and global enterprises.

Phone: 012 668 1660
Website: http://www.osirion.co.za/
58Paradigm Solutions
All our ADSL packages come with auto top up option. ADSL packages can be purchased 1GB at a time through out the month for R49 per GB only. ADSL pakcages are SAIX based. IS Base ADSL packages can also be accomodated on request.

Phone: 086 1234 ISP
Website: http://www.paradigmsolutions.co.za
e-Mail and Internet for just R75 a month.

Phone: 08600 32000
Website: http://www.polka.co.za/
60Posix Systems
Posix Systems was established in 1992 as one of the original ISP's in South Africa. It has since grown into a unique niche player in the South African marketplace and was one of the first to be exclusively open source based. The founder and Managing director Mark Elkins, is also the Technical director of Uniforum SA.

Phone: 012 807 0590
Website: http://www.posix.co.za
61Pro Dynamic Data Consulting
Pro Dynamic Data Consulting is a privately owned ISP , operating since 1996. We do Internet connectivity, Domain Registration & website Hosting, Networking, Internet Development, Server Setup. Contact us today for personal, professional service.

Phone: 011 675 1944
Website: http://www.pddc.co.za
Established in 2001, we have extensive industry experience. Our commitment to customer service excellence and our in depth technical understanding, allows us to retain partnerships with some of SA's leading brands from a wide array of sectors. We take pride in offering our clients the best in service and support, and our SLA's ensure all clients absolute peace-of-mind, with a 24-hour help-desk fully supporting and monitoring all services. We have invested heavily in our infrastructure and have a strong presence in South Africa and Internationally with data centres in Johannesburg and Cape Town, and POPs (points of presence) in London, Europe and the USA. We believe that great technology doesn't have to be complex and expensive; our motto 'technology meets life' implies just that. We bridge the gap between IT innovation and everyday life - and our team take pride in doing this every day.

Phone: 0861 772 932
Website: http://www.rsaweb.co.za
63SA Domain Internet Services cc
Get on to the internet highway, domain registration, website hosting and development. We offer analogue, ISDN and ADSL at very competitive pricing. Free template downloads, save on design costs.

Phone: 021 461 3490
Website: http://www.sadomain.co.za
We provide the vital services that support a huge range of online and e-business activities, supplying everything you may need for your business from dialup's, broadband, global roaming, web development, and a variety of ISP services. Whatever online capability you want we can deliver.

Phone: 086 110 2062
Website: http://www.sagateway.com/
65Sainet Internet
Sainet Internet currently delivers Dialup, ISDN, Diginet, ADSL and Voice Over IP to customers. All services are competitively price and targeted to the SMME and Corporate market. Sainet Internet feels that the SMME market segment has largely been neglected because of the amount of "hand-holding" required by this segment, and the inability to pay the astronomical fees charged by many ISPs for typically poor service and user support.

Phone: 0861 SAINET
Website: http://www.sainet.co.za
internet access, VoIP, Wireless Solutions, Diginet, ADSL, ISDN, and standard dial-up connections, web design, and hosting.

Phone: 087 625 0000
Website: http://www.saol.com
World class web hosting and website design combined with connectivity options such as ADSL, iBurst and HSDPA will help to maximise your online presence, enhance your communications, and open up new markets.

Phone: 079 845 9440
Website: http://www.securenetworx.co.za
68Snowball Effect
Snowball is an Internet Service provider and Web Design company. We have been operating since 1998 providing world-class Internet solutions to businesses and individuals. Our team consist of highly skilled individuals who are experts in their field of service.

Phone: 021 880 2228
Website: http://www.snowball.co.za
Speedsurf provides Wireless Services. When we started working with wireless technologies it was still new and almost no one had heard of wireless connectivity, of course to day every one is using it in some form or the other. We have been connecting different companies stores up with really great bandwidth threw our wireless network over the years. Speedsurf provides services like Wireless Internet Access, Wireless Uncapped Internet Access, Wireless Caped Internet Access, Alternative to ADSL, Wireless VPN Connectivity, Wireless Backup Solutions, Inter Branch Connectivity, ADSL Internet Access, ADSL Business Services, Metro Fibre Access, Diginet, Web-Hosting, E-Mail Services like Hosted Exchange.

Phone: 086 133 5547
Website: http://www.speedsurf.co.za
We mainly provide connections to the Internet. These can be the usual analogue dial-up access (up to the usual 56K modems) or ISDN (single or dual channels) or ADSL. Tell us your needs and we should be able to help you.

Phone: 012 657 0200
Website: http://www.super.web.za/
Providing premium connectivity and communication solutions for the work place and home.

Phone: 0861 78 73 76
Website: http://www.supernet.co.za/
For the home office or small business we offer a range of products that you can scale to meet your Internet requirements. For the home user we provide cost effective Internet access from analogue to ISDN, TelkomInternet has numerous mail solutions to cater for all your email requirements.

Phone: 10215
Website: http://www.telkomsa.net/
73Tristar Technologies
Network, Integration and IT Systems support company operating since 1998. Expertise in operating multiple hosting and infrastructure environments, simple and advanced solutions. We are here to help you communicate faster and more efficiently.

Phone: 021 555 1167
Website: http://www.tristar.co.za
74TSA Online
We offer a host of internet solutions and we believe that no job is too big or too small. We can provide the service you need and with over 10 years experience in the I.T service industry you are assured of receiving excellent, friendly and accurate information and service delivery.

Phone: 031 500 9300
Website: http://www.tsaonline.co.za
75Ultra ISP
Not your average ISP. We at Ultra IT Solutions CC trading as Ultra ISP not only offer ISP services, but a various IT solutions for Home and Business needs. Your one stop IT solution.

Phone: 072 389 3359
Website: http://www.ultra-isp.net
VANILLA. Internet Services. Simple. ADSL Internet from R59 per month. Our ADSL products have great international latency(very low) & we offer uncapped and unshaped services. We also supply secure email & domain name hosting services. VANILLA provide quality Internet services to local businesses and household consumers.

Phone: 086 11 22 345
Website: http://www.vanilla.co.za
77Vox DataPro
DataPro Group Limited is a South African Telecommunications company providing mainstream voice and Internet services. The company has capitalised on the deregulatory environment to position it self as a complimentary and viable alternative to the incumbent. (Telkom)

Phone: 087 805 0000
Website: http://www.voxdatapro.co.za/
We are here for YOU! With a Personal approach to your IT needs. With us you are not just a number! We have been Online since 1998.We offer web and mail Hosting, Connectivity, PC sales and support, Server Administration and much more! Hosting for the little guy! Contact us!

Phone: 082 903 1026
Website: http://www.w3ds.co.za
79Warp Development
With Warp Development it is easy to get online. 56k dialup, ISDN and ADSL connectivity available at competitive prices.

Phone: 0861 WARPED
Website: http://www.warpdevelopment.co.za/
80Web Africa
Web Africa is a privately owned, ISP and web infrastructure provider operating since 1997. We operate and maintain over 50 servers and thousands of clients. We have years of expertise operating multiple hosting clusters and advanced solutions. Since 2003 Web Africa has seen an average growth rate of over 300% annually.

Phone: 0861 555 222
Website: http://www.webafrica.co.za/
WebNow is a Cape Town based web presence provider established in 1999. We offer a wide range of affordable connectivity solutions including dial up, ISDN and ADSL.

Phone: 0860 932 669
Website: http://www.webnow.co.za
As a Internet Service Provider, Our Aim is to provide you, the customer, with the best internet solution for your home and/our business needs.

Phone: 016 423 5168
Website: http://wizsoft.info
XDSL Networking Solutions provide flexible end-to-end solutions in National MPLS VPN, Fibre Optic Solutions and Hosting. XDSL has major capacity on the WACS Cable, SAT 3 and Seacom with a Point of Presence in nine Data Centers where we own two of them. We have built multiple failovers on our network to ensure our customers stay connected all the time 24/7/365.

Phone: 0879800375
Website: http://www.xdsl.co.za/
84Xtranet Pty Ltd
Xtranet has a staff complement skilled in Windows and Linux systems administration as well as Web designers and developers with experience in HTML, Flash, ASP, ASP.NET, VB.NET, PHP, MSSQL and MYSQL. This allows us to provide a total solution to clients ranging from hardware and internet connectivity to web site design and development.

Phone: 0861 555 666
Website: http://www.xis.co.za
Internet, Email and more and more and more ... Zazu Internet.

Phone: 086 123 9298
Website: http://www.zazu.co.za/
ZSD is an Internet Service Provider in Cape Town, South Africa. We offer premium customer service, no long term contracts, stable pricing policies, and leading edge technology and Old Fashioned value.

Phone: 021 683 1388
Website: http://www.zsd.co.za/
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